Retention program

Every orthodontic treatment plan ends with a customized retention program. Without retainer wear, teeth can slip back into their original positions. Once you complete your treatment with braces or Invisalign® clear aligners, a retainer will ensure your teeth remain straight for years to come.


How a retainer is different than braces

Unlike braces or aligners, a retainer isn’t designed to move your teeth. It is designed to hold them in place. A retainer is built to fit perfectly over your straight new smile and hold the teeth in place over the months and years following your treatment plan. Most people are instructed to wear their retainer consistently for the first year after treatment, and with the guidance of your orthodontist, less as time goes on.

We use two different types of retainers at our clinics, removable and permanent. We will determine which type is right for you based on your unique case and lifestyle needs.


Removable retainers

Removable retainers are made from either wire and acrylic or clear plastic. With wire and acrylic retainers, a wire is secured by an acrylic plate that fits snuggly to your upper palate. The wire is visible as it wraps around the front of your teeth. Clear plastic retainers are very similar to Invisalign® clear aligners and fit over your entire top and bottom teeth to hold them in place.

In general, we recommend you wear your removable retainers all day and night for the first three months after your braces are removed. After that, if everything looks good, you can wear them only at night. The more consistent you are with your retainer, the better your long-term results will be.


Permanent retainers

A permanent or “fixed” retainer is a single, thin, strong wire that is attached to the back of your front 4-6 teeth. It is invisible to the outside, and most people forget it’s even there after a few weeks. A permanent retainer takes a little more effort to clean because you’ll have to floss around it, but it has the best outcomes since it remains in place 24/7.


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