At Cool Smiles Orthodontics, we offer personalized treatment plans to meet the needs of each unique patient. With our outstanding team, you can be confident you are receiving the care and professionalism required to create your most beautiful smile.


Discover Invisalign® clear aligners, the discreet and non-invasive method for creating your best smile. Using plastic, removable, clear aligners, your orthodontist will guide your teeth into optimum alignment. No brackets or wires required!

Our patients love the comfort and ease of treatment with Invisalign® clear aligners. You can eat what you want, enjoy fewer in-office appointments, and smile through your entire treatment with no one the wiser.

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Many of our patients choose metal or clear braces to straighten their smiles. Our braces are smaller and less noticeable than braces of the past, and technological advancements are constantly improving their comfortability and effectiveness. Combined with modern digital x-ray technology and equipment, our braces will transform your smile in record time.

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Our dedicated team is committed to your healthy, happy smile even after you’ve finished treatment. A customized retention plan is essential to keeping your teeth straight and in the optimum position in the years following braces or Invisalign® clear aligners.

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Straightening your teeth is as much about your health and wellbeing as it is your great smile. Misalignments, crowding, and large gaps can cause trouble as you get older, including tooth decay and gum disease. See what our discreet treatments can do to keep your smile healthy for life.

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Children treatments

Children and teens love the fun and friendly experience at Cool Smiles Orthodontics. It’s a great idea to bring your kids into the orthodontist for their first appointment around age seven. Because a child’s jaw is still developing, it is easier to manipulate and guide into the correct position than during adulthood. Catching problems early can save parents a lot of time and money and even stop issues before they begin.

Children treatments


We are here when you need us. We are happy to offer help and guidance for any orthodontic emergency. This may include loose brackets, an irritating wire, or a broken appliance. In some instances, we can even guide you to a solution over the phone. (?) (maybe this can guide them to the videos of how to fix pokey wires with a pencil eraser or clean nail clippers etc.)


Which treatment is right for me?

We provide quality orthodontic care to meet a wide variety of needs. Each treatment plan is personalized to a patient’s unique smile. The best way for us to determine what treatment is right for you is by having you visit one of our offices for a free consultation.

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